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Дизайн интерьера пиццерии в Симферополе

PIzzetoria - pizzeria in Simferopol

The pizzeria, in the ancient traditions of Italy, was set up according to the principle of “complete openness”. Regardless of the concept of the establishment, be it a traditional trattoria or a pizzeria cafe, the equipment and furnishings of the hall were simple, the interior design did not stand out with its rich decoration. Italian pizzerias bore the names of the owners and pizzalos, promoting exclusive cuisine. The functionality of the interior was important.

So kitchens with stoves were moved into separate rooms, aged partitions separated the hall and the cooking area dishes. However, the pizzeria’s kitchen was designed in such a way that the arcade windows rushed into the hall, and customers, while waiting for their orders, could see how the pizza was born. Traveling through Italy, Goethe repeatedly noticed that Italian pizzerias were much more comfortable than elite restaurants in France. Home-made pizzerias, of course, may not have a catchy sign and interior details, but it is especially cozy here. The walls were decorated with paintings and frescoes by local artists, and wooden furniture was selected that harmoniously fit into the room.е.


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