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Дизайн интерьера дома в Крыму

modern Nikanorov house

The main advantages of such cottages are that they look stylish, there is a magnificent panoramic view from the inside, and a lot of sunlight gets into the room. However, there are also disadvantages, for example, everything that happens in the room will be visible from the outside. Therefore, many people prefer to install one-way transparent windows or hang blinds and curtains. And this also leads to waste of money.

One glass transmits heat more than a wall. If you live in the northern regions, you should install two-chamber windows with three glasses.

Due to the fact that panoramic windows are made from heavy-duty materials, they effectively distribute and withstand maximum load.

Also, the inner and outer surfaces can be coated with a protective layer to prevent scratches from forming on the glass. Panoramic windows are difficult to clean, but defects do not form on them as often as on walls. During the hot season, such windows must be closed until the scorching sun disappears. During the winter, you will have to de-ice.


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