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Дизайн интерьера дома в Симферополе

house in Simferopol

House from our VITTAGROUP studio in Simferopol

Areab: 400 sq. m

The designer had a complex job ahead of him, including decorating and furnishing the residence in the shortest possible time. “The peculiarity of the project was that the main wish of the customers was to preserve the layout and decoration from the developer of the villa. Only the number of bathrooms changed – one large bathroom on the ground floor was divided into two. There was also a shared bathroom on the second floor. This way we got two bathrooms, each with its own entrance for each bedroom.”

In selection Interior style designer Elena Ponomarenko was guided by the customers’ desire to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, to achieve a feeling of bright space filled with “air.” The owners opted for a neutral color palette—hues of beige with accent colors like green and white. The white color in the interior was complemented by custom-made volumetric abstract paintings.


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