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Дизайн интерьера дома в Севастополе

house in Sevastopol in art deco style

This style cannot always be recognized at first glance. This is no wonder, because it absorbs the traditions of extremely diverse cultures that are completely different from each other. But there are some clues that seem to point towards the correct answer: luxurious decorations, an abundance of metallic fragments, clear repeating shapes or animal prints.

Very briefly, in one sentence, art deco can be described as “the kingdom of wild animals and plants among strict ensembles in the era of the future.” Art Deco is a careful combination of incompatible styles, but used in the correct proportions and ideal color combinations. Some kind of traditional painting could well be combined with mosaics or wood carvings, and a classic sofa with decor in the style of the Indians of the pre-Columbian era.

In our time, the style has changed somewhat, even, one might say, merged with something more modern and functional: nevertheless, with the development of the industry, this was to be expected. The more scientific and technological progress there is, the more ways there are for design expression. The abundance of materials and industrial possibilities reveal a new essence of classic Art Deco.


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