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Дизайн интерьера квартиры в Крыму

apartment in residential complex heart

A family with three charming children lived in an apartment that became cramped for all its inhabitants, so the head of the family conceived a global expansion. To do this, the customers purchased two apartments in the capital’s residential complex “Heart”, which consists of eleven club houses and is located on a closed area of 5 hectares, for the purpose of unification. The property’s chic location, large area, high (over three meters) ceilings and large-scale glazing allowed the team of the VITTAGROUP E architectural bureau to create a cozy, positive space for a large and friendly family.

During the reconstruction process, part of the wall for the door opening between the combined apartments was dismantled, and the internal partitions were rebuilt according to the new planning concept. The apartment now has three children’s rooms, five bathrooms, a master bedroom with a bathroom, a living room-kitchen-dining room and a men’s office. Moreover, the private sleeping area was isolated from the general space by a door and a long corridor, along which there are doors to the bedrooms and bathrooms on both sides.


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