Inkerman brand store

Дизайн интерьера магазина в Севастополе

Inkerman brand store

Inkerman brand store in Sevastopol. design project from our studio VITTAGROUP

wine shop

Дизайн интерьера магазина в Алуште

wine shop in Alushta

Wine store in Alushta, design project from our studio VITTAGROUP

Meetings with experts and winemakers, master classes, parties and other events. A wine school is a place with a special atmosphere, where you not only attend lectures and tastings, but also become part of a community that values wine aesthetics and conscious consumption.

Restaurant Nobiless

Дизайн интерьера ресторана в Крыму

Restaurant Nobiless

For most people, going to a restaurant is an important event associated with some special moment in life. But many perceive such establishments simply as a place where they can relax, relax, and eat delicious food. Let’s look at their main characteristics, and also determine on the basis of which they are placed in a separate category.

In simple terms, a restaurant is nothing more than a “catering establishment,” that is, a place where any visitor can come. Here customers order their favorite dish from the offered assortment. The food here is different from home, it is prepared according to more complex recipes and can represent both different cuisines of the world and the original developments of chefs. The distinctive features of the restaurant are:

  • Hall for guests.
  • Availability of menu.
  • Service for each visitor personally.

GLAMOR boutique

Дизайн интерьера бутика в Крыму

GLAMOR boutique

Women’s shoe boutique, design project from our studio VITTAGROUP

restaurant SIMFERO

Дизайн интерьера ресторана в Симферополе

restaurant SIMFERO

The restaurant in Simferopol SIMFERO is the embodiment of the diversity of culinary delights of haute cuisine, modern technical solutions and first-class service in a new, ultra-modern project for Simferopol. Design project from our studio VITTAGROUP

Summer terrace

A unique summer terrace for the Crimea, which turns from an indoor hall into an open summer area using an automatically retractable roof

and mechanically sliding glass panels along the entire perimeter of the hall.

Guests relaxing on the terrace enjoy the work of the chefs in the open kitchen to the musical accompaniment of world-famous guest DJs or restaurant residents.

Main hall

The main hall of the restaurant is separated by a soundproof partition and has a more sophisticated character.

The stage located in the center of the hall serves as a platform for talented artists, and regular live jazz performances

cover bands will not leave anyone indifferent.


Guests, upon entering the main hall of the restaurant, first of all pay attention to the aquarium with live and chilled
seafood. A huge selection of shellfish and crabs amazes the imagination of every visitor.


PIzzetoria – pizzeria in Simferopol

Дизайн интерьера пиццерии в Симферополе

PIzzetoria - pizzeria in Simferopol

The pizzeria, in the ancient traditions of Italy, was set up according to the principle of “complete openness”. Regardless of the concept of the establishment, be it a traditional trattoria or a pizzeria cafe, the equipment and furnishings of the hall were simple, the interior design did not stand out with its rich decoration. Italian pizzerias bore the names of the owners and pizzalos, promoting exclusive cuisine. The functionality of the interior was important.

So kitchens with stoves were moved into separate rooms, aged partitions separated the hall and the cooking area dishes. However, the pizzeria’s kitchen was designed in such a way that the arcade windows rushed into the hall, and customers, while waiting for their orders, could see how the pizza was born. Traveling through Italy, Goethe repeatedly noticed that Italian pizzerias were much more comfortable than elite restaurants in France. Home-made pizzerias, of course, may not have a catchy sign and interior details, but it is especially cozy here. The walls were decorated with paintings and frescoes by local artists, and wooden furniture was selected that harmoniously fit into the room.е.

Club House Starry Sky

Дизайн интерьера клубного дома в Крыму

Club House Starry Sky

The Starry Sky club house is located just 30 km from Simferopol in the village of Nauchny. Here you instantly forget about the noisy capital of Crimea and the resort shore. Our Clubhouse offers one of the finest spas on the peninsula. Fresh air, silence, emerald greenery and endless stars will allow you to recharge emotionally and physically.
SPA is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase “sanitas pro aqua” – health through water. The main purpose of such a vacation is health benefits, preservation of beauty and youth, maximum peace and stress relief. Plunge into the world of relaxation and beauty, relax and take care of yourself in our SPA center. In the Starry Sky club house you can combine outdoor recreation with spa treatments. In peace and quiet you can truly relax and free yourself from worries and bustle.

Restaurant BespaloFF

Дизайн интерьера ресторана в Крыму


The customers wanted to see an apartment that was not overloaded with details and decor and at the same time decorated with natural finishing materials of various textures (stone, wood, metal, glass). Preference was given to the style of New York interiors of the 30s and 40s of the last century. In this spirit, a unique design was created, reflecting a peculiar mix of minimalism with elements of postmodernism.