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Author's supervision

Why do you need designer supervision? By ordering designer supervision, you free yourself from the problems of repair and construction. You are minding your own business, relaxing or traveling. You do not waste precious time and your nerves on constant checks and coordination of current issues at the construction site. Don’t you worry: “Should I go and see how things are going at the site?” Architects and designers of the studio accompany the construction, and monitor compliance with all design decisions and the quality of work performed at all stages of construction, repair and finishing. Every week you receive photo and video reports from the construction site from the architect and designer. Our specialists have experience in creating turnkey buildings and interiors in the absence of customers, who may be located in another city or another country.
Price of author’s supervisionThe price of author’s supervision is determined individually when drawing up the Agreement. We provide payment options of your choice:
  • Regular visits to the construction site by the architect
  • or one-time site visit
VITTA-GROUP design studio specialists always defend the interests of clients, not builders and finishers. We always strive to ensure that the interior is done at the highest level, not only on paper, but also in reality. That is why our designers and architects pay special attention to supervision of work directly on site. The result of our efforts are more than 100 completed projects of apartments, houses, restaurants, bars, cafes, offices, etc. Period of author’s supervision Author’s supervision is carried out during the entire period of construction and repair work and commissioning of the facility. The main goal of designer’s supervision is to ensure full compliance of construction and finishing solutions with the project approved by the customer. Advantages of designer supervision Along with this service, the customer receives special supervision over the progress of finishing and repair work on the implementation of the design project. Supervision includes:
  • Scheduled visit to the construction site at least 1-2 times a week
  • Visits on call from the Customer or General Contractor to resolve urgent current issues
  • Adjustments and changes to the design project (if necessary)
  • Maintaining a log of work on a construction site
  • Visits to order finishing materials and products, furniture and equipment
  • Mandatory participation in the acceptance of finishing work.


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