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3D measurements

We will create a three-dimensional model of buildings and premises with an accuracy of millimeters

  • Laser scanning technology allows you to obtain complete geometric information about an object in the form of a point cloud.
  • The point cloud already allows you to take virtual walks around the object using spherical photo panoramas and make any measurements for any specialist, even without specialized software, using a standard Internet browser.
  • Survey data allows you to obtain accurate plans of facades, interior spaces, and sections. Data can be presented both in 3D form and in the classic form of drawings.
  • The use of technology allows you to get a more accurate result in less time and at a lower cost.

We use modern equipment in our work

  • Laser scanning allows you to obtain initial information about reconstruction objects of any complexity for CAD (Autodesk RevitAutoCAD, Archicad, etc.)
  • Scanning allows you to obtain a BIM model of a real object, taking into account inconsistencies between the project and the constructed object, even in the absence of source documentation
  • In the case of sites with high technological saturation or irregular geometric shapes, the problem often cannot be solved using classical methods. Laser scanning is standard practice in such projects.
  • If there is a project, 3D as-built survey is also effective in three-dimensional format, this allows you to quickly monitor the stages of construction and monitor its compliance with the project. Classic as-built documentation can also be quickly obtained from scan data..

Advantages of 3D scanning of premises

  • High information content of data There is no need to go to the site again if you forgot to measure something
  • Millimeter accuracy of the data obtained There is no factor of human error in measurements
  • Visual 3D visualization We get a photo-panoramic 3D tour of the object, on which you can measure any object
  • Measurement times are tens of times longer One scanner per day can measure up to 3000 m2, including buildings with a large number of rooms


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